Chronic Pain

Low Back Pain Resolved

Female Patient, age 17, began treatment in January 2010 after several months of low back pain from playing softball as a catcher.

Patient was placed on a 1-2 visits per week schedule with a decreasing frequency as improvement progressed. Patient had 5 visits over 2 months and was seen 1x/month for 3 months for maintenance.

Patient was quite happy at the end of the program as she no longer had any back pain and was able to continue playing softball at a high level.

Successful Treatment For Carpal Tunnel Relief 

Male patient, age 40, began treatment June 1992. Patient presented with carpal tunnel symptoms in both hands that he had been dealing with over the past several years and have been slowly worsening.

Patient was placed on a 1 visit per week schedule and given magnetic bracelets to wear on both wrists. Patient was seen 6 visits over 8 weeks.

Patient was pleased with the treatment and had 90% reduction in symptoms in both hands.

Successful Treatment For Headache Relief

Female patient, age 54, began treatment in August 2010. Patient was diagnosed with neck pain, tension headache, muscle pain and joint dysfunction.

Patient was placed on a 3 visit per week spinal adjustment program with decreasing frequency as improvement was seen. Patient had 12 adjustments/visits over 2 months. Patient had progressive decline in headache frequency and intensity over this time period. Patient was seen one time a month until March of 2011 at which time we stopped care.

Patient was very satisfied and at the end of the program patient had complete cessation of headaches and continues to be free of consistent headaches at this time.