Cold Laser Therapy

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What Is Cold Laser Therapy?
While looking up ways to treat the nagging pain plaguing your neck, shoulders, arms, legs, or back, you may stumble upon something known as cold laser therapy. You may also see it referred to as low-level laser therapy.

So, what exactly is cold laser therapy?

The aforementioned form of treatment makes use of special lights to promote healing inside the body. As you’ve probably guessed, it only uses low-intensity light to generate the healing that patients are looking for.

A handheld device that emits the low-intensity light is positioned over the injured part of your body and it is typically held there for a few minutes. As the light pulses through the device, it draws a reaction from the damaged tissue to help increase lymph flow to help decrease inflammation. The reaction is expected to promote faster healing.

Why should you choose cold laser therapy over the other available forms of treatment for your injury? There are some advantages that are well worth highlighting.

For instance, people like cold laser therapy because it is non-invasive. You don’t need to undergo surgery or take any medication to treat your injury. All you have to do is sit or lie down for the duration of your treatment session.

Cold laser therapy is also a very comfortable form of treatment. Patients can expect to experience no pain or discomfort whatsoever while undergoing cold laser therapy.

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What Issues Can Be Treated Using Cold Laser Therapy?
Since cold laser therapy is still fairly new, not everyone may be aware of how it should be used. You’ll be glad to know that it can be used to treat a wide range of conditions.

First off, cold laser therapy is an effective form of treatment for chronic pain. We use it to treat different parts of your body that are affected by that issue. Cold laser therapy will deliver the results you need if you’ve been plagued by neck, shoulder, arm, leg, or back pain for a long time.

This type of treatment is similarly useful if you have a condition such as arthritis or tendonitis. It will help you manage all kinds of soft tissue injuries.

Inflammation can also cause significant pain and discomfort. You can effectively relieve the inflammation affecting different parts of your body with the help of cold laser therapy.

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